My sincere thanks to Morag Blackburn of Broad Town, Wiltshire for her endless time and effort in helping me with my research. Her willingness to scan through old library books – often coming up with just a mere mention of a place or event relating to the Bayntun family – has been so rewarding. Through her patience and attention to detail, she found many passages of interest that has added enormously to the total content of the history of this great family. Most of the photographs of the memorials and tombs in St. Nicholas Church, Bromham were supplied by Morag.

I was also fortunate to make contact with Dot Gulliver of Salisbury, Wiltshire, who grew up alongside the site of the old Faulston House, in the parish of Bishopstone. I am grateful for her knowledge of the area and for the many photographs she supplied of Faulston Tower and surrounding area.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Gallop of Salisbury, Wiltshire, who kindly gave me permission to use extracts from her book and donated some very accurate notes from her research. With her help I was able to include a lot of very valuable information and accounts of the earlier generations of the Bayntun family (1328 - 1420).

Thanks to Dennis Powney for some valuable information and photos.

Thanks also to Gary for capturing many documents on his digital camera at the Trowbridge Records Office.

Some of the scenic images used in the pages were from the postcard collection of FRANK LANE and from the Moonrakers Genealogy data files for the county of Wiltshire produced by MIKE CASWELL.

I am very grateful to DANA F. SUTTON Professor of Classics at The University of California for her help in translating many Latin documents.

Thanks to BETTY CROWLEY, KATHLEEN TOMKINS and REV ROBIN HUNGERFORD for photographs and information used in the article on Farleigh Hungerford Castle.

Thanks also to PROFESSOR DAVID LOADES BA, Ph.D Litt.D FRHS FSA for his comments and corrections to my notes.

I am grateful to CATHERINE ARMSTRONG of Kennesaw State University for information on the Household of King Henry II and Knight Marshal.

My thanks to KATE FORBES of Codford, Warminster for her correspondence and notes on the Bayntun family, compiled after her trip to the Starky Museum in Brackenfield, New Zealand. Kate is the great-great-granddaughter of Charlotte (Wyndham) Bayntun-Starky.

Some photos used in the pages from WILTSHIRE COMMUNITY HISTORY WEBPAGE

Laycock Abbey photo courtesy C. MILNER-WALKER of Ludshott Photographic Club

Illustrations of vintage jewellery, shoes, hats, bags and purses by kind permission of LINDA (Vintage Textile)

Historical costume graphics used in page headings by kind permission of C. OTIS SWEEZEY (A History of Costume)

I am also very grateful to CHRISTINE REYNOLDS (Assistant Keeper of the Muniments at Westminster Abbey Library, London) for information from the Abbey burial records.

Also to JOHN CHANDLER for permission to use some extracts from his book "Devizes and Central Wiltshire" (Hobnob Press 2003)

Reference books, publications and websites used in my research were:

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