Take a journey back in time and retrace the footsteps of the Bayntun family – one of Wiltshire's most famous families.

From their noble old-fashioned house at Faulston to the grandeur of Bromham House, a stately and magnificent structure, frequented by Kings and Queens and Spye Park House, the last of the Bayntun's
great mansions.

Several judicious
marriages in medieval times established the Bayntuns as one of Wiltshire's leading landowners. They also greatly increased their wealth from the purchase of monastic land, gained from considerable influence at the Court of King Henry VIII.

Their final resting place, in the crypt beneath the Bayntun Chapel in the Church of St. Nicholas in Bromham, gives us an historical account of the family in more than 10 centuries.

But there are many
details of their lives long since forgotten, even more fascinating than those told in these pages. Sadly there are not many reproductions of portraits available.

Enjoy the story of the various generations and visit the many great places associated with the Bayntun family.

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